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California SR-22 Insurance

What is an SR-22 Filing?
Often an SR-22 filing is confused with auto, motorcycle or non-owner insurance policies. SR-22 is not a type of insurance policy; rather, it is a filing that can be added to a liability insurance policy such an as auto insurance, motorcycle insurance or non-owner insurance policy. An SR-22 insurance filing is intended for high-risk drivers with multiple moving violations such as speeding over 100 MPH, hit and run accidents, and DUI (Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs).

California SR-22 Insurance Requirements
High-Risk drivers, quite often associated with at fault accidents, moving violations, DUI or driving without insurance coverage are required to obtain an SR-22 filing. California DMV requires all high-risk drivers to obtain an SR-22 filing. The filing will simply guarantee that all high-risk drivers are properly insured at all times. Should liability insurance expire or cancel for any reason, the insuring company will automatically report the policy status to the DMV.

California SR-22 Insurance Quotes
Insurance companies in California charge different fees for filing an SR-22. In most cases the insuring company will charge between $5 to $35 for an SR-22 filing. The filing can be purchased at point of sale or an addition to an auto, motorcycle or non-owner liability insurance policies. The premium of the actual insurance policy will be established by the California driver's location, age, driving history and several other determining factors. At GM Insurance Services, we are able to find some of the best insurance companies who accept SR-22 insurance filing at an affordable cost. This is the advantage that helps us provide affordable, competitive, and low-cost SR-22 filings in addition to providing affordable insurance coverage in California.
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