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GM Insurance Services has been helping customers compare insurance rates for over a decade. We provide fast and easy insurance comparison for Auto, Home, Motorcycle and Commercial Auto insurance policies in the State of California. In less than five minutes, one of our account managers can help you compare your insurance rates and find the best available option for your needs.

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Auto Insurance Companies rate policies differently for every driver, making comparison shopping the best way to save on car insurance. To find the best price and coverage for your car insurance, you need to call at least ten different car insurance companies for quotes and make sure you are comparing the same exact coverage. Otherwise, you would not be comparing apples to apples. The process of finding affordable car insurance is time-consuming and can get very frustrating. At GM Insurance Services, we make this process super easy for any driver. Car insurance quotes take 3 to 5 minutes, and we compare your rates with fifteen top carriers to find the best car insurance rates. We encourage you to request FREE Quote online or by phone 877-333-8303.

SR22 Insurance Quotes

Have you been asked to file an SR22 Insurance Form with DMV to reinstate your drivers’ license? If you answered yes, we can help. SR22 Forms can be requested by the Superior Court of California or the DMV for several reasons. Most common causes are DUI and Uninsured Accident violations. Before continuing you need to know that SR22 is not an insurance policy. It is a form to inform the DMV of an active insurance policy for a driver. An SR22 Form can be added to several policy types including auto insurance, motorcycle insurance, non-owners insurance and or commercial auto insurance.

How much does SR22 Insurance Cost

The cost of a car insurance policy with SR22 depends on the number and the type of violations a driver has. For example, a DUI offense can increase the price of a car insurance policy by 30%, and in some cases, an insurance company can drop your policy at renewal due to a major violation.

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