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Non Owner Car Insurance

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Non Owner Insurance Coverage

A California resident is required by law to have liability insurance coverage to operate a vehicle. Drivers in California who do not own a vehicle have the option of purchasing a non-owner insurance policy, which provides liability insurance coverage. Non-Owner insurance is only intended for individuals who do not regularly operate a vehicle. This type of insurance is for those who occasionally rent a vehicle and need liability insurance coverage.

Non Owner Car InsuranceWhat is a Non-Owner Insurance Policy?

A Non Owner Insurance policy is a secondary liability insurance coverage that is placed on a California driver’s license. With most California Insurance carriers, a Non-Owner Insurance policy will cover liability claims if there is no primary auto insurance coverage in place or the primary insurance carrier has rejected coverage. Non-Owner Insurance policy does not offer coverage for vehicles registered in the same household or to the named insured.

What is covered by a Non Owner Insurance Policy?

Non Owner Insurance Coverage includes liability, medical payments, and limited uninsured motorist. Non Owner Insurance policy does NOT cover damages to the operated vehicle such as comprehensive or collision coverage offered in a regular auto insurance policy. For example, if you are renting a vehicle from a rental car agency, your Non Owner Insurance policy will not provide coverage for any physical damage caused to the rented vehicle. To protect the vehicle for physical damage, check with your credit card company to find out if they offer physical damage coverage to a rented vehicle while you’re using their credit card. Some credit card companies include physical damage coverage for a rental vehicle as long as you’re using the credit card to pay for the rental cost. If your credit card company offers physical damage coverage for the rented vehicle, you can use your Non Owner insurance policy for liability coverage and avoid paying daily insurance for the rented vehicle.

Non Owner Car Insurance

A Non Owner Insurance is a restricted policy and does not provide coverage to vehicles with regular access. Policy exclusions include, not able to operate a car registered to the named insured, same household,  employer, or to an imidate family member.

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Non Owner SR22 Insurance

In the State of California, high-risk drivers are required to have a liability insurance policy at all times to keep their Driver License active. A driver with a major moving violation such as DUI conviction, reckless driving, or speeding over 100 would be considered as a high-risk driver and have a suspended Driver License. To remove the suspension, the State of California would require a driver to obtain an SR22 Insurance Filing. An SR22 Insurance filing updates the State DMV about the policy status. If the insurance policy is canceled, the State will suspend the Drivers’ License till a new policy is activated. A Non Owner Insurance policy with an SR22 filing would provide the required liability insurance to reinstate a Driver License of a driver who does not own or operate a vehicle on a regular base.

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